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Luiz Henrique - No Balanço do Mar (documentary)

The film that rescues the memory of Santa Catarina in Florianopolis musician was released on August 20, 2007.


"Luiz Henrique - Sea Balance" documentary Ieda Beck, is what you might call a musical biography. Shows the trajectory of guitarist, singer, composer and arranger born in Santa Catarina and has left his mark on the Bossa Nova, and then among Brazilians that made history in the 1960s and 1970s in the United States.


The film, 72 minutes retraces the path of the musician, who was born in Tubarão, lived in San Jose and then in Florianópolis, where it quickly integrates into the music scene, playing in bars and at dances, becoming one of the most important musicians of Santa Catarina. Writing and developing an intimate musical style, goes to Rio de Janeiro in the early 1960s, the effervescence of Bossa Nova, and then to New York. Despite the recognition that obtained both in Rio de Janeiro and New York, he returns to Florianópolis, where it opens a record label and promotes concerts with local artists and out. Dies in a car accident two months before completing 47 years in 1985.


To tell this story, Ieda, in his first foray toward a film retraces the path of the musician, interviewing family members and friends in Florianopolis, musicians and producers in Rio and New York - including Armando Pittigliani, Ricardo Cravo Albin, Roberto Menescal, Ilmar Carvalho, Hermeto Pascoal, Paul Winter, Ron Carter, Liza Minelli, Flora Purim and Airto Moreira.


The documentary brings back images, photos, documents and sounds that were scattered in various places. Gathers scenes recorded in Super 8, 16mm, VHS and U-Matic recovered TVs of the time, writings and photos with images produced in digital format. In these scenes, the grandson Pedro Damiani, son Raulino Manga Rosa and friend Murilo Pirajá embody Luiz Henrique Rosa at different stages of his life. The images produced are mixed with the documentary, intentionally, without a clear definition. All this, sewn with a text itself Luiz Henrique in Édio Nunes actor's voice.


To rescue the memory of Santa Catarina musician, the film brings out the importance it had in music, both in the Brazilian bossa nova as in American musical movement of the time. "Following his musical trail, I was surprised by the magnitude of the work of my childhood friend. Many have heard of it, but few know the real importance and success of their work, "says Ieda.


It has been eight years since she started the project until its completion. In it, he involved in all that time 27 people in the technical team and conducted 60 interviews. The project was approved by State Law for the Encouragement of Culture in 2004 and the Rouanet Law in 2005. It has sponsored the Badesc, BRDE, Eletrosul and Tractebel, with support from Two Wheels and gathered.