"For any Brazilian would be unforgettable date - September 6th day night boarding at Galeão airport and Sept. 7, at seven in the morning, arriving in New York (1964) On the evening of 6, in the apartment terrace. my aunt in Rio de Janeiro something happened, besides having touched me deeply, was marked for the rest of my life. suddenly, amid all the natural excitement of a trip "first time" to New York, I found myself alone in the terrace. Encased in beautiful Rio nightlife wondered what madness was the one who threw me a rocket toward the United States? A round-trip ticket Varig, $ 50 (borrowed) in the pocket and more a promise of $ 500 the Foreign Ministry. it was an adventure in itself, But why -?. if only I had a clue, a sign ... that's when a sweet shining star streaked across the dark blue sky as if to say "I will what's hot" I was the star was right. "



Luiz Henrique Rosa


"I first met in Chicago when he was playing with Oscar Brown Jr. When I heard him playing Bossa Nova, he was kinder than anyone, it was like he was playing just for you. Was something so personal in presentation of his music, it was amazing. I was a fan and a friend. "


Liza Minnelli

"The Luiz Henrique had a light style, played a totally different bossa nova. He was a very versatile musician, he was amazing."

Jorge Ben

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